Phearakech Phlorn Lomdab Kpuos
Phearakech Phlorn Lomdab Kpuos
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Phearakech Phlorn Lomdab Kpuos

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Phearakech Phlorn Lomdab Kpuos
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Synopsis Phearakech Phlorn Lomdab Kpuos

15 years ago… Tai (Ek Rangsiroj), Nuea’s father, is a very skilled safe technician who was hired by a gray business group to rob a property maintenance company in order to open the safe and bring him the important items inside. When the mission was completed, Tai was betrayed. He has been imprisoned on serious charges ever since.

Currently, Nuea (Chanaphol Satya), a security system engineer, is the only son of Tai. He is the designer of a security system for Mr. Banthat’s (Surawut Maikan) company, Universe, under the supervision of his daughter, Olive (Kesarin Noiphueng). In addition, Mr. Banthad has ordered a safe called “Safe Napoleon” can be considered an old safe with a complicated mechanism. Along with holding a grand opening event, Thanin (Nadol Kanin) is the company’s executive director and son of Minister Ari (Ekapan Banluerit), an influential politician Thanin is also Olive’s soon-to-be fiancée. And when we have to work together North’s relationship with Olive doesn’t seem to be on good terms. Because different people have different opinions. and disagreements about work But in the end, the North will win every time.

Because the safe room and Napoleon safe have the most secure systems, there are various gray businessmen who leave documents and important items here. Phisanu (Phuriwat Bunsuya), Secretary-General of the NACC. Investigating that there were important items of the gray business here, he devised a plan to rob this vault, giving Dabwat (Pete Thongchua) the control of the team. Which Dabwat could not refuse because the NACC offered him an offer to help his family. Phitsanu has arranged for a team to help. By choosing above The person who designed the vault’s security system spearheaded the planning and robbery this time. The story is related to past robberies. Makes North decide to join this mission because he wants to know the truth about his father,

Fai (Warakorn Sawasakorn), a fast-finger, Tee Noi (Wongsathorn Somsri), a racer, Muay Lek (Thanatchalak Hudson), a mechanic, and Sita (Similan Temeewani), a skilled hacker Was accidentally drawn into the team. The heist was carefully planned. Meanwhile, Olive knows the truth. Thanin is considering taking over her father’s business, for which she is an adviser. The two of them investigate deeper and find that the item they want to rob is related to something that Nuea’s father stole 15 years ago. The people involved include Mr. Aree, Mr. Banthat and Itthiphon (Tanayong Wongtrakul), which Oli I’m very curious about this. Therefore decided to cooperate with the North in this robbery as well.

The robbery begins Everyone acted as planned until North reached the safe and opened it, but they were chased by a team of assassins and had to split up to escape, during which time North and Olive sympathized with each other. until it becomes love But the items that were stolen were not what the NACC wanted. In fact, Thanin moved them to another safe named “Save Marie Antoines” which was a safe that was created alongside Safen. Napoleon But it’s more complicated

than North and Olive and the team. Investigating the truth, it was found that Itthiphon and Aree worked together to provide shelter and launder money for criminal groups, which has resulted in the present. What they have to steal is a list of criminals stored there. In their search for the truth, Nuea, Olive and everyone, including Line, are hunted down for their lives by Thanin, Aree and Itthiphon. The only thing. that everyone will be spared
is to rob again This time the task will be twice as difficult. Tai knows about his son and his family being hunted for their lives. So he broke out of prison to help the North!

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